Spring has Arrived!

Spring is here. More daylight, more sunshine, warmer temperatures, plants blooming, birds are returning, and we have more energy to play and live life.

When I’m asked which season is my favorite, I usually begin with one season, but waffle and think about the positive virtues of another season. I love each season and there isn’t one that I dislike. I love to ski, I love the winter coziness, and I find it is the season with the excuse to do cozy activities, like stay inside and watch movies on a dark, rainy afternoon. Autumn crunchy leaves, warm foods begin to return to our menu such as soups and warm apple pie. Summer, oh summer, how we love your warmth and long days full of opportunity for adventure.

Now spring is here, we have sprung forward and I’m amazed how I forget how good I feel with more sunshine and vitamin D. Ok, ok, usually there is a time in the winter when I begin to crave the desert and open skies. After awhile I suppose the darkness does get to me. That’s when I find myself sitting in the sun, face up and soaking in the sunshine, remembering it’s been way to long to feel sunshine.

I’ve begun walking home with my son from the daycare he attends twice a week. He talks about his day and the daffodils he sees in the variety of yards and parks.  He notes which houses have flowers, who doesn’t (“why no daffodils?”), and pointing out the yellow of fresh and old daffodils. I’m discovering walking home with him, which is about a 1.5 miles (ok, with help of a stroller since the baby is with us), to be a fun nature walk. Looking at neighborhoods, the plants, yards, picking up leaves, and lots of questions from him.

The signs of spring are here as we cross a small bridge, looking at Amazon Creek flow by, catkins on the willows are present. Indian Plum is blooming, magnolia and dogwoods are blooming in different yards, birds are flitting here and there. I’m hoping to continue this walk through the spring as it has been a good opportunity to be with one another in a quieter mode with discussion and observation.

I feel the spring renewal. We’re outside playing more, planning next steps for summer gardening and yard prep, and enjoying the light at the end of the day with neighborhood walks. 

Spring is here and though I didn’t feel a need for it to arrive sooner than later, I now realize I feel the need for the sunlight and new growth in the plants and ourselves. Next steps include continuing my goal with running again after a long hiatus, working the yard to prepare for the summer, and making sure we spend as much time as we can outside playing and exploring.

“Spring is nature’s way of saying: ‘Let’s party!’” — Robin Williams


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Some Days I wish I was a Good Dancer

Who doesn’t like a good dance mash-up, and to top it off, with Christopher Walken?!

A bit of dance happiness always puts a smile on my face : )

Making the trend online, but if it’s missed…Christopher Walken Dance Now by Huffington Post

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